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Photo Shop Thread

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Post them here! just trying to get some organization going and easier for people to navigate to what they want.

if others are willing to, i think this should be the place to request and or post your photo shopped pictures. Feel Free to disagree or agree no offence will be takin!
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anyone here photoshop a range of blues on the calibur srt4? please and thank you
hey i tried doing a white caliber just by chaning hue and i cant get white i barely got my little avitar to look good. i just got photoshop and need help anyone car to breifly describethe functions to changing color leaving the details like door cracks and the glares from lights but just to change basic color of the car?
heres a chop i did, chameleonish paintjob!
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"chameleonish paintjob" Thats the word I was looking for in the other thread that I posted in!! Main color is candy blue like and the other is a darker chade of purple! I really like!
yea me 2, i got lucky messing around with colors!
So that was by accident? Thats pretty cool though, I could never get a car to look like that in photoshop with that color. I think the starting color had something to do with it too.
yea, like i changed the hue to blue, and then i used Selective color
and messed with the reds i believe, i'm at colelge so i cant do it. but basically just messed around, and used the clone stamp i cant do anything complex.
That is really hot. I pissed my pants watching that.
lol watching what? do u mean lookin at?
awesome thanx! i love ur photo shops man they look so sweet!
It looks in the first picture like you added small eyelids even if you didnt it looks great!
Suz. "LowCaliber" looks great, and so does the other too! Excellent work...again.:D:cool::)
suzq044 said:
here's 2 i did
Love them chops too man, dude you rock!;)
i did add eyelids, but they were by no means, small. lol

edit- i think i'll add some to silverfox's too :) maybe give it a couple other mods..
Yeah i couldnt tell from the angle they are hot. You should submit that pic to nightshades or someone else that has lids
srtman said:
lol watching what? do u mean lookin at?
i was just kidding and yes i meant looking at it sometimes i dont thing straight
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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