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Since the rules require the picture to be no longer than 800 pixels on its longest edge, here's some help for resizing photos. Also, for those of you that are new to hosting photos or using the forum attachment feature, I will provide some background into that as well.

Resizing Photos:

There are many tools that can be used to resize photos, but I've found one that makes resizing very easy: The image resizer Power Toy from Microsoft. It allows you to resize photos by just a right-click of the mouse. However, the tool is only available for Microsoft XP. Though recently a project was put together to port it for use in Vista/7.

For XP Users, go to and download imageresizer.exe

For Vista/7 Users, go to and download ImageResizerClone-2.0.msi.

These two products work the exact same way.

  • Use Windows Explorer (or My Computer) to navigate to the location of the photo you want to resize.

  • Right-Click on the photo and select "Resize Pictures"

  • A window will appear asking you to pick a size. Use medium as that will constrain the size to less than 800 pixels on the longest size. Then click ok.

  • A new picture will be create in the same folder as the original. The name will be the original picture's name with "(Medium)" attached to the end. The new photo should be 800 pixels on its longest side.

  • This tool is also great for resizing multiple pictures at once. To do that, highlight more than one picture by holding the Ctrl or Shift key, and then after highlight a number of pictures right click and select "Resize Pictures". It will resize all the pictures to the specified size.


Using a picture hosting site:

There are many sites on the web that will host photos for you. The nice part about these sites is they often provide the code to place the pictures directly into forums. If your hosting site offers links for embedding, look for the links with the image tags. An image tag for a forum would look like this
If the hosting site does not offer tags, you can still use the photos here. Copy the URL of the photo, and then use the forum's insert image feature (
). Once you click the picture, a window will open. Paste the URL in the box and the URL will be wrapped in image tags for your post.

Using the forum's attachment feature:

A common problem with using hosting sites is that after a certain amount of time, the image's URL is no longer valid. Any links to that picture are then broken, so the photo no longer appears. Using the forum's attachment feature is beneficial because the link can never be broken so long as the forum exists. Here's the steps to use the forum's attachment feature, plus one cool trick.

  • Instead of using the quick reply, you'll either need to use the post reply button (
    ) which will take you to the advanced editor, or click the "Advanced Editor" button next to the submit button below the quick reply box.

  • Once you are in the advanced editor, scroll down until you see the manage attachments button (in the Additional Options section under "Attach Files". Click it.

  • Be sure your photo is resized before doing the next step. A new window will open. Under "Upload File from your Computer" click the browse button and find the picture on your computer. Then click the upload button. You will see that the picture was upload under "Current Attachments". Once you complete this, you may close the window.

  • The problem with attaching photo's in the forum is that you get that really small thumbnail in the post. This is a work around for that. Go back to the Attachment area, right click on the name of the upload photo, and click "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (IE8). Now scroll up to the editor area and click the insert picture button (
    ) and then paste the copied URL into the window. This will "host" the photo from the upload.

  • That's it!


Note: If you have issues resizing or hosting photos, please contact me or another moderator. If you resize a photo and its too large to use the forum attachment feature (and you don't want to signup for a picture hosting site), PM me and I'll host it for you. Any other questions - contact me or another mod.


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