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Hi everyone,

Please bear with me since I do not know much about cars. I just bought a used 2009 Dodge Caliber.

The previous owner said that the AC was blowing warm air. When I went to check out the car and buy it I just bought it because it was a good deal at the time and I assumed I could pump freon into the AC and it would fix it. I tried and it was full already after I already made the purchase. I took the car to the mechanic to check it out and he said the compressor that is installed in the vehicle at the moment looks brand new. The mechanic thinks that the previous owner tried to fix this issue already. He also said that there is no AC relay (I have no idea what that means) and there is a magnetic clutch so it's supposed to be constant. He said there was refrigerant in it too so that isn't the issue. So, the mechanic thinks that it is either a faulty compressor or an electrical problem.

My Dad thinks the AC fuse is blown out. When I look at the manual there is no AC section in the electrical box diagram. How do I go about fixing this issue? What do you guys think? Did I get unlucky and won't be able to fix this issue or will I be able to fix this?

I need the AC working because I live in Hawaii! HAHA

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