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Question: I have a 12 volt, 1 amp (max) power lead. Is this sufficient to power/charge an iPod WITHOUT frying it? If not, what (if anything) could I do to step it down to a more suitable power source?

I know how to solder. I just don't know how to wire. :)

EDIT: Okay, I should clarify somewhat. I've been Googling "how to build an iPod charger" and the general concensus SEEMS to be that 5v is what's needed. However, I'm also seeing articles where the power source was a 6v solar cell or a 9v battery or even eight AA batteries (8 x 1.5v = 12v) without any resistors, while at least one type of iPod charger seems to put out 12v. Therefore, I don't think the 12v lead will cause a problem.

OTOH, I've also seen how some people are trying to mimic the 500mA power output of a USB port while others are using less (as low as 150mA) and still others are using more (the highest I've seen is 900mA). If I remember my electronics theory class from high school (ya, rly) a given device will only draw as much amperage as it actually needs. Therefore, I don't think the 1 amp lead will cause a problem.

Is there anyone smarter than me who can confirm or contradict this? :)
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