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Hello everyone, I am trying to retrofit the sub amplifier in the Dodge Caliber Premium Boston Acoustics system into another vehicle, specifically a dodge caravan with an 8" dual coil sub.
-I have attached 2 pictures of the amp connectors, would anyone know what the wires do and if they are plus and minus?

Coming from the main harness to the sub amp:

-Red/Dark green Fused B+?
-Black/light blue Ground?
-Twisted pair grey/dark green and grey/light green
-twisted pair dark green/light green and dark green/grey

From the amp to the dual coil sub

I was not able to remove the sub in the system i took the amp out of, I loosened all the screws that held the sub in place but was not able to remove it to see if there was a + and - on the connectors, any help is appreciated because if i hook up wring wires i could destroy my sub very quickly. I went to Dodge and asked if they could help and give what each cable means but they were not able to find it.
Thank you!


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