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Saw the first caliber r/t in my area

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i was driving home from college and there was a car infront of me, for some reason i seriously was like "that looks like what a caliber would look like from the rear end at night time. So i get closer and i cant tell if its one of those toyota matix, then i saw the ugly ass taillights and was like ITS A CALIBER it was r/t in silver its sexy from the side and front, but ugly from the rear. the first one i've seen on the road or ever, besides autoshow
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Cool, I like hearing stories like this. I have always like this vehicle, but the rear end was always, "ah wheres the front pics", but that it the last part of this vehicle that is growing on me. The more I see the pics of the ones people purchaced and posted, I am liking the rear better.:cool:
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