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:) I just found this site and decided to come on and say hi. I do not own a caliber, and do not plan on buying one either but, I would like to get some info and possibly some pics of some of the brake compnents on the srt-4 model.
I personally own an 2003 srt-4. I bought it the day it was delivered to the dealer. Through out the years I have owned this car I have done A LOT of mods to the suspension of this car. Most of then made by me.

One thing that I did do was upgrade the front brakes. I used 12.19"x 1.25" thick rotors, and 4 piston US BRAKE billet aluminum calipers.

One thing that I would like to do is, upgrade the rear brakes on my car. But of course there is nothing out there short of 3R's racing kit that is about 2k:eek:
I already found a company that would make me 2 piece rotors to my specs. I am going to use 2 piston calipers for them but, I need to upgrade the MC, in order to do this, and of course mod the rear knuckle a little.

What I was looking for is, if anyone is going to take delivery of the new cal srt-4. Would you please do me a favor and take a pic of the MC for me?

And better yet, if there is any tech's, or eng for the cal on here. would you please give me the piston size for the MC.

Reason for all this is, the stock MC on my srt-4, is barely big enough for what I am using now. It is getting the job done on the track but, I did a couple of more power mods the car so, I am going to need more brake.

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