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My wife wants to get some seat covers for the caliber to help protect the stock grey fabric. She is also wanting to go with a blue flame theme in the car (blue to go with the color of the car). I already got her a set of blue flame floor mats.

I would like to get some decent quality covers that allow for the use of the head rest, so far, all I found are covers that are one piece and go over the head rest. Does anyone know where I can find some good, blue flame, front seat covers online?

While I'm at it, I want to get some 60/40 seat covers for the back. These don't have to be of a flame design, solid color will work. So far, all the 60/40 covers I've found don't work with the integrated head rests on the back seats. Anyone know a good place to find those?

I have been searching online, but I'm not hapy with the results I'm finding.
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