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Hello everyone. First off, I'd like to thank all of you for the information on this car. As I'm sure a lot of you have, I ran across this forum when looking for information on the Caliber. I ended up ordering one on the 14th of this month (March). It's my college graduation present to myself and is my first brand new car. It's a black SXT with the 1.8L (I had to have the stick!) fully loaded, minus the convenience group and the sport package (seat inserts really didn't appeal to me). I'm really anxious to get it. The talk about the 5-speed not being built until April 3rd has me a little worried. My dealer really didn't know that much and kept saying "4-6 weeks," so he was no help about it. Anybody who ordered a 5-speed caliber have a build date yet?

My question/concern has to do with the tonneau cover. I haven't had a good look at it until today. When it was fully closed and the hatch closed, there was a large gap on the sides. It seemed quite useless since anybody can look in the side windows and look right in the back. Anybody else notice this and if so what are your thougts about it? It hardly seems worth getting the security group now. I really only ordered it to get that cover. A better alarm can be added later.

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I hope I understand what you are saying about the tonneau cover - have you actually seen one for the Caliber in person?

I had asked the dealership about them, and they didn't even have them listed on any accessories or package lists - and didn't know that any had even been distributed to any dealerships or other market by any method yet.
Yes, I have seen one in an SXT just today. It is not a seperate option, but included in the security group. It is a roll up window shade type "soft tonneau cover." It just doesn't seem to cover the "trunk" area as well as it should.

Thanks. I was trying to get one from my local dealership (as well as one of their admin staff and a couple of other folks who have bought a Caliber), and the parts dept can't find them "in the system" yet as a separate item.
That part will run you around $160 if purchased through Mopar. The most I thought i was going to pay is $50.
That IS too much.

I'll either make my own - or tell them to provide one free of charge, as long as it stretches enough to cover the paint flaw "Smiley Face" on my passenger side rear door... :eek: :(

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