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sirius satalite info

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ok, so i was thinking of purchasing some sirius satalite for my .50CAL when it comes in. however, i was thinking of getting one from futureshop not through dodge. here's the one i'm thinking about...

my questions are:
  1. for those of you who already have sirius in your caliber, is it something like what i'm getting or is it integrated?
  2. i know i could just look for it, but how much did the dodge integrated system cost?
  3. for those of you who own siruis, is the receiver that i am potentially purchasing worth it or should i get the next model up... or the one i'd have to wait for...
thanks in advance for the insight... :)
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One more thing to consider - if you get it with your Caliber like I did, you get free service for a year. That is worth over $150.00.
You also get a free year with the Mopar Sirius setup (which is identical to factory setup).
My first Sirius unit is similar to the ones you're looking at, but I don't have any direct experience with any of those three. I definitely think they are worth it, but if you want more information you can try looking around on those are the sirius forums, and have a lot of good information. A lot of times you can find threads about people's experience with various models of receivers.

The unit I have is the JVC SR2000, great unit, except that the built in FM Modulator was not very strong. It would work fine if I was out away from civilization and guaranteed that there was not a radio station near one of the frequencies that the unit broadcasts on but it would still have a lot of extra noise. Some of the units have a really strong fm broadcaster built in though, I've read of some cases where a car that was quite a distance behind someone with a sirius unit could pick up the signal. If I'm not mistaken the Sportsters have a strong fm modulator, I don't know about the first one you have linked.

The biggest plus of the plug and play radio's is that almost all of them have an optional home unit you can purchase so that you can also listen to the device inside your house, and many have boomboxes that they can be plugged into to make them portable (home and boombox units are usually extra cost).

The integrated systems from Dodge are the best deal of all though I think, the sticker price for Sirius is $195 and that includes a full year of service. Thats a much better deal than anything else you'll find I think.

The sound quality will be much improved over any of the plug and play devices as well I think. No matter which of the methods (Fm modulator, cassette adapter, aux line. soldered antenna connection) you use to connect the plug and play unit to your car stereo its going to have the possibility of picking up extra noise.

The deciding factor I think would be if you want to listen to the unit somewhere besides in your car. The other thing you might not know is that once you have a sirius account, you can listen over the internet on a computer. Listening that way doesn't have as many channels (I think most of the music, but only a few of the talk/entertainment/sports stations are available that way right now) and the quality isn't quite as high but it will be an option to listen somewhere besides your car. They are supposed to be making huge improvements to their computer system so that they can put the Howard Stern Channels on the internet by summer, when they do that they may also add the rest of the channels.

The other thing if you want something portable is that later this year they are also supposed to be releasing more portable personal devices after they upgrade their terrestrial repeater network.

Edit: The yearly renewal for Sirius is $142.45 US, and if you already have one unit, the subscription for additional units are half price (unfortunately you have to have a subscription for each receiver)
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I would look at getting the new replay, it has 45 minutes of save time.
superbang said:
ok, so i was thinking of purchasing some sirius satalite for my .50CAL when it comes in. however, i was thinking of getting one from futureshop not through dodge...
I put in Sirius after the fact. I have a 6-CD Radio in my new Caliber SXT. Parts and labor was five hundred, nearly two times the price on the factory installed unit. However, the dealer installation is indistinguishable from the factory installation and I got the one year of free service. Love the integrated Sirius and having the display on the head unit.
mr_badda_bing said:
I would look at getting the new replay, it has 45 minutes of save time.
My wife has the Sirius replay in her Toyota Solara. It is fantastic! It has a remote, and it's really cool when you hear a song that you haven't heard in years, and you can listen to it over and over. Or if you just hear a guitar riff that you love- Replay! It's like Tivo for your music. Plus, on this model, you can look at 6 different stations at once and see who is playing what song or artist, and it can tell you when one of your favorite songs is playing on another channel. When you get home, you can take the unit in the house, drop into the home unit, and listen to Sirius through any stereo unit in your home. It is quite amazing. I love the unit in my Caliber, but the Sportster Replay is BADDA BING!!!
I installed the Sirius Starmate Replay in the wife's Caliber. I cut 2 pcs of 2x2 pine at an angle and attached the mounting piece that comes with the kit. The 2x2 is a push fit into the compartment below the radio. Antenna is mounted on the top of the dash all the way forward. Short cable with rt angle connectors handle the audio and the power is from the switched accessory socket. I don't care for the exposed wires, I might run them behind the panel later. We get very few dropouts, no more than my Magnum with the factory Sirius.


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I've got the same unit, except mine is the Streamer GTR, same as your but black.

Can your receiver fit inside that cubby hole, or is it too tall?
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