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RonRacer said:
Sky Cons{Con't}
Made By Saturn
Is A GM Brand
Has A Saturn Babge
Uses GM parts
Sucks Donkey Balls
28 is to high for any thing made by saturn
Is A Piece of Shit
The Company will go under within the next 10years and you won't be able to find parts
It is a Fake Exotic Sports Car and will make you look like a wanksta
Its Ugly
Its slow
Everyone on the road will look indisgust as you drive around in a saturn
Every thing on the road will want to race. but you will lose cuz you're in a fake car.
The Saturn sign is not as cool as the rams head
There a different kinda crowd when you go to the GM side
You won't be able to get as many chicks in your saturn
Is Not A Dodge:mad:
i will probably only buy dodge products for as long as they keep putting out awesome stuff like they have, but damnit man, you make dodge owners look terribly retarded. get some sense and stop being such a stereotypical fanboi

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RonRacer said:
Retarded huh...?:cool:
First of all nothing i said can be argued to be wrong or stupid{maybe the ugly statement:eek: }
Secondly I am the "stereotypical fanboi" and i don't see how thats a bad thing? especialy seeing that we are in a forum specifily deicated to DODGE. I will say that i am one of the biggest MOPAR fans in here{no offense to the other big DODGE fan but i think some of you might just like your car and not MOPAR(but theres nothing wrong w/that:D )}
Thirdly GM SUCKS ASS!:mad: and that is a scienitific fact. Just look at their sakes record, or the fact that they have made some of the biggest pieces of shit know to the automotive world. Their is not a car comany i can't stand more. only GM can bring back the GTO{The Father of the Muscle Car Era} and it be the biggest flop and have to put the 2years later.
Fouth of all. Ya Mother.
well as long as you are honest about your fanboi-ism, then i guess i cant hate on ya hah. i too am a dodge guy, but i can respect cool cars where cool cars need respect. i think there are some respectable cars coming from GM. would i own em? probably not, i like dodge too much to do that. but i can acknowledge the fact that they can put out something worth while everyonce in a while
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