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small windows?

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I've been reading the posts here for about a month and found it to be very informative! I wanted to ask Caliber owners what they thought of the view out of the small windows? I've test driven the Caliber twice now and I find the windows a little hard to get used to. Thanks in advance for your input.
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Never heard anything about the windows being too small...:confused: :)
Yeah maybe it's just me. :)
How tall are you? I dunno never really paid attention to it...:p:D
I'm 5 foot 11 but I don't think that's the issue. I just find that the front and rear windows seem small to me compared to other vehicles i've test driven. I'm going to book another test drive this week.
Oh..I see...I haven't paid attention, I'll check next time.

Hmm, window size never crossed my mind... [runs out] to sit in Caliber to check window size[/runs out]. They are fine by me. The belt line of the Caliber is higher than other cars that I've owned so it make the windows not as tall. I would think that that also make it more safe. But I'm good with the window size... they aren't too small according to me (I'm 6').
Token, by "front and rear" do you mean the front windshield and rear liftgate window? Or the front and rear side windows?

I feel like I have great visibility all around. True, the view thru the rear liftgate window does seem smaller than for example the rear window in a passenger car. (The Pontiac Torrent has a "smaller" rear window like this too.) It's different than what I'm used to, but I don't feel that it impedes visibility at all. The view out the side windows is acceptable, and if you angle the exterior mirrors just so, you've got great visibility in those too.

The only "small" window I perceive is the 3rd side window at rear, and they are useful. I'd much rather have those than wide pillars at the rear corners. (My former Stratus's rear pillars were essentially huge blind spots, making it a pain in the you-know-where when backing up in parking lots.)
When my husband and I test drove the Caliber yesterday, we noticed the side windows are kind of short. Kind of like in the 300. My husband said it made him feel closterphobic a teeny bit but having the sunroof helps. I think you would get used to the window size though.
in my test drives of the Caliber, I felt very comfortable with the view out of all the window...and there isn't a spoiler (Neon SRT design) getting into your view and startling the shit out of you LOL ;)
Hmmmm the Caliber has definite blind spots... more so than a normal compact 4door sedan... primarily on the driver's side back quarter. Nothing too major to gripe about. The small window is large enough that you can see what's going on out the passenger back corner by looking over your shoulder.
During the test drive the front windshield along with the rear liftgate window seemed smaller than what I am accustomed to. I'm used to driving a Camry and a Civic Si which have pretty big windshields so maybe it's just something I have to get accustomed to.

Also, the dash seems kind of big and distances you from the front windshield so that may also play a factor.
Yeah...the dash might be it..I dunno man..:)
On all 7 of my test drives, yes I said 7 LOL, the only window was the rear that I had to have a gripe about. But that makes you a more careful driver, you shouldn't be doing 20MPH in reverse anyway.LOL:D:D

Other than that I was pretty fine with them.
I think Joe would know from experience...20 mph in Reverse..:D:eek:

Yeah, now that I look at the pics more, the back does look a lil small..
I'm six for three and I haven't had any issues with window size in the vehicle. I guess it's a matter of opinion, really. :) You'll get used to it, it just takes a little time.
Thanks for the input everyone. I figured you would get used to it. 7 test drives!!!! I'm going for my 3rd sometime this week.
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