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The next SRT Engineering chat session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21st.

The session will run from from 6pm to 8pm EST and will be at SRTForums
Join us!​

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Don't forget the Chat Session tonight! It starts in just over one hour. I'll update this post with a link to the actual thread when it opens.

EDIT: The session is now in progress. Go here...

If you intend to ask a question, you will need to register at the site first! Now is as good a time as any to do this. Follow the link JayC provided in the 1st post.

Excerpt of a post by HEMEEE from a previous session:

Participants Please:
  • Keep all questions on topic and related to the SRT lineup of vehicles - off-topic posts will be removed
  • As always, the SRT Team cannot answer questions about future product
  • Direct ALL questions to the Team AND allow the Team to answer ALL questions
  • Limit each post to 1-2 brief and clear questions - Please review existing posts to avoid unnecessary repeat questions
  • Please allow time for a response, questions are not answered in any particular order. If toward the end of the session it appears your question was missed, please review your post for a reply BEFORE reposting, as occassionally an answer will be provided via an edit to your original post rather than a quote.
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