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Srt4 Brakes?

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Haven’t been able to find pads or rotors for a CSRT I’m in the process of reviving. Anyone have any pointers or the sizes?
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Figured out the specifics!
The Caliber uses part codes for the different types of brake setups that I was unaware of.

The brake code for the CSRT is “BR3”

CSRT brakes are the same as the Avenger and Chyrstler 200 from 2012 - 2014, along with a package that went on the police chargers. While putting this code in a google search might pull up something, I suggest looking for that code along with the diameter of the outside of the rotors. Rockauto has a few options for a full set of front and rear brakes (rotors/pads) for less than $300.

Hub size - 114.3mm
Front - 340mm
Rear - 302mm

Hope I was able to help someone!
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