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Sun Roof ?!?

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Why does the spec sheet list the interior height as "without sunroof"? there's not sunroof option on the caliber. You can't add a sunroof as an option online or at a dealership (asked the dealer about it last weekend)
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Edit: Stupid comment, see posts below.
I have seen a couple of Calibers (SXT Sports) on the local dealer's lot with factory-installed sunroofs, listed as a $750-cost feature.

It obviously has a certain depth to it that would take away a small amount of ceiling height; the roof line was completely smooth.

I would have preferred to have had one on our car, but bought it as is when they first hit the lot because it otherwise had what we wanted.
The sunroof is a factory installed option available on SXT and R/T models. The SE does not have the option.
The one I test drove yesterday had a factory installed one. Also...on the U.S. Dodge build and price, there is a standalone option for sunroof, $750
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