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Good afternoon everyone. I am having some issues with my caliber. A few days ago the lights inside the car went out. (The radio lights, the cupholder, and the taillights).

A few months ago the cluster would start blinking and it would go off and on. And then one day it stopped working. But the rest of the lights were fine. Until a few days ago. It suddently just blinked and then when I move the knob for the lights they dont turn on.

The low beams work and the break lights work too. So if I hit on the break they come up. I checked for blown fuses or bad bulbs but nothing. I saw that Eld5 was a possibility so I replaced my cluster with another one hoping the issue would be resolved. But nothing.

I am wondering if you guys have any idea of what could possibly be happening. I've read that the Tipm could also be bad.
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