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hey guys

I can concur that xordox is correct. I drove that same gray sxt caliber last Friday at the same dealer rond point dodge chrysler et jeep in st hubert quebec

I was extremely surprised and anxious to try this car cause having recently smashed my 2004 sx r\t couple week ago I NEEEEEEEED A NEW CAR ....

This will be my third dodge after a 98 sport neon and the 2004 r\t and guys believe me this is not a NEON (lol)

The cvt is weird at first but will grow on most people you keep on hoping that the tranny will shit at one point but it never happens . incredible torque on takeoff feels like when you put a put a bit to much gas and a quick clutch release (sort off). and then never lets go

2.0 liter vvt much more silent than the original 150 high output not a bad feel but will definitively wait for 2.4 liter 172 ish

Suspension on sxt surprisingly tight and especially here in Montreal Quebec where the roads are freaking horrible we don’t call them potholes but more man holes!!! Suspension was good and didn’t hit as tight as on my r\t but chassis definitively more rigid then past neons.

Space inside is very good although higher seated then before which is very acceptable. Seat are comfortable, guys around 6.3 or even 6.5 will have good headroom and legroom which might improve with 6 or 8 way power driver seats.

rt awd caliber will be available soon 2-3 weeks from now. They’re currently not for sale - only using them for test drives.

anymore question just write back

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