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That defective rear bumper bar, cheap fix better than what was there on an 07 Caliber

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Ok not the industry standard but this repair cost me nothing and no wait time on ordering a new re-bar for the back bumper.. I knew it was bad but not that bad. I removed the rear bumper skirt so I could get at some rust spots on the rear quarter panels and ended up for the day resolving the re-bar issue instead of doing body work. This is a do at your own risk post not recommended however this car is 16 years old and that solid 2x4 on the mounting posts will allow the stop sensors for the airbag system to deploy even if it's a rear end collision because it will be a solid hit until it breaks. The old original Re-Bar in the state it was in would not have set off the airbags even if it is a rear end collision. the Caliber has side impact airbags for the Front and Rear Passengers... so the repair was a must. I will at a later date order the proper replacement part. The whole rear bumper fell apart in my hands I crushed up the pieces and filled a garbage bag with 25 pounds of rust ::confused: I sprayed the pressure treated 2x4 with undercoating to finish it off for now.


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