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The New Dodge Challenger - Is it coming?

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DCX, ever the busy car manufacturer has produced another concept thats making headlines and generating alot of buzz. The Dodge Challenger Concept continues to impress us as more and more information is leaked. Based on all the information thats been released it appears that this car will become reality.

So, as it seems another car is added to the Dodge family, another forum is born. We have put up the Dodge Challenger forum at the following URL:

Be sure to get in early and reserve those low userid's as always and be sure to spread the word to any aficiandos who might also dig the Challenger as much as us.
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Not a real fan of the big muscle cars. Personally there just too big IMO. But its good to see dodge bringing back all the old school names. Gotta give em props for that!!
they realy did somethin right this time with the names of cars
The only thing that i think could be done better, is carrying over the looks from the oldies. IMO the new charger could have been done a bit better....just my opinopn though. :)
I don't know, I have mixed views on this vehicle. One says I like and the other says it's kinda weird looking....just like the Charger. Just me though.
i think the headlights kinda killed the charger they look so round if you compare the old one and the new one
as far as dcx goes, it all depends on how many ppl like vs. dislike.. if ppl like, then it goes to production [probably with some mass-selected tweeks tho]
It seems like with every classic name they bring back, dodge is making less and less of a connection of what that name was wayyyyy back when, and just slapping on the muscle car name to anything they come up with design wise..
watch us have a jeep barracuda
sr4tuner said:
watch us have a jeep barracuda that would be interesting.:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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