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An inexpensive thing you can do to make your Calibers look more unique, is to use Niteshades spray tint for lights.

Its been a popular product for the Neon, and SRT-4 for us, and Im sure you Caliber guys would like it too!

This product is basically a spray paint type product that sprays on, BUT still allows light to shine through !! Regular spray paint products will NOT allow light to shine through !!

Check out these photos:

Taillights :

Taillights with one coat of Niteshades :

Taillights with two coats of Niteshades

Taillights with three coats of niteshades :

Notice how it progressively gets darker and darker depending on how many coats you spray on ? You can choose however dark you want it to be by spraying on additional coats.

Cost for two cans of Niteshades : $19.99

We've got Niteshades in stock at MP, and can ship these to you via Fedex within a few days.

Give MP a call at 1-877-247-6366
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