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There's a TSB for the MyGIG RBZ/RB2. It concerns vehicles built between 05/01/2011 and 01/10/2012 and equipped with MyGIG RBZ/RB2. The MyGIG can wake up after the vehicle was shut down and drain the battery.


The problem will be solved by a software update. Even if your vehicle is pre-may-2011 built you can update the software of your RBZ/RB2. My RB2, for instance, had the application 08.03.02 and now the newest 10.00.11.

Since the site does not support the RBZ/RB2 you can pm me. There's a German Chrysler Forum that provides that update. I can lead you.

The file size is about 17 MB only and it takes about 10 minutes.

UN4GTBL made a thread about how to update a MyGIG:

If you are unexperienced with updating a MyGIG I recommend you to visit your Dodge dealer.
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