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It is confirmed that VW Audi UDS engine replacement can be done with Launch X431 PADIII, PADV, PRO Anti-theft Matching Tool and other diagnostic equipment + X-Prog 3 GIII programmer. Run this function when a motor replacement is required (in this case the ME17.5.22 motor is used).

VW Audi UDS Engine ME17.5.22 Replacement Guide:

1. Select 【Special Function】-> 【Anti-Theft Function】, read the disclaimer carefully, click “OK”, and select 【Generation 4 And Above Immobilizer System】.

2. Select 【Engine Module Replacement】 .

3. Select 【Platform Mode】.

4. Connect the diagnostic connector and the Immobilizer programmer according to the information shown in the IMAGE, and click “OK” .

5. Select 【ME17.5.22 TC1724】.

6. Select 【View Wiring Diagram】.

7. Connect the original engine and the Immobilizer programmer according to the wiring diagram, and click “OK” .

8. Select 【Read Chip ID】 .

9. If the engine is successfully connected to the Immobilizer programmer, the chip ID will be displayed, click “OK” .

10. Select 【Backup EEPROM Data】 to read the EEPROM data of engine .

11. Enter the file name, click “OK”, you can also choose the save path, click “OK”.

12. Select 【Back Up FLASH Data】, the current read/write data volume of FLASH is large. To improve communication stability, please use the USB for connection, click “OK” .

13. Back up FLASH data, enter the file name and save the data .

14. Select 【Flash&Eeprom Data Decryption】.

15. Respectively select 【Load FLASH Data】 and 【Load EEPROM Data】 to load the backed up EEPROM data and FLASH data .

16. Select “Decode”, .

17. Click “Yes” to save the decrypted data .

18. After saving the decrypted data of original engine, you can view the relevant data of engine, click “OK”, connect the external engine and the Immobilizer programmer, and follow step 6-13 to back up the EEPROM&FLASH data of external engine;

19. Click the Return button after the external engine ECU installed, go back to the submenu of engine replacement module and select 【Vehicle Mode】.

20. Select 【4th Generation Immobilizer】.

21. The CS code decrypted by the engine is 16 bytes, click “No”.

22. Select 【Step 1: Obtain Anti-theft Data of External Engine (Not Executed)】.

23. Load the decrypted data, select 【Step 2: Obtain Anti-theft Data of Original Engine (Not Executed)】 .

24. Select 【Obtained From Dump Data】.

25. Respectively load the original EEPROM and FLASH data to be backed up, and select 【Decryption】.

26. Select 【Step 3: Replace Anti-theft Data】.

27. Confirm that the external engine has been installed on the vehicle, click “OK” .

28. Please insert the key or place the key near the key sensing area, turn on the ignition switch to illuminate the instrument, and click “OK” .

29. Input the PIN of the target vehicle .

All right, launch X431 PADIII, PADV, PRO anti-theft matching tool and other diagnostic equipment + X-Prog 3 GIII programmers do a great job!
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