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what color would you pick?

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name the shade too im too cheap too come up with like 25 shades
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That orange color that Dodge makes. I dunno, but I like it:)
chose black, couldn't go with white on this one, think i'd trying to hide it in the dark.
Yeah, I don't think I would choose white either.
... i chose black-- as far as blue goes, depends on what hue.
Black here also. When in doubt as to what a car will look like in a certain color, black always works for me.
same here, it looks like another of dodge cars that look best in a dark color..
I think they need to bring back a few colors, and stop with the universal colors on all models, it is getting a little dull if you ask me, but hey, no one listens to me at Dodge, I just work here LOL

Keep the rubber side down.
keep the rubber side down? <- wut does that mean? lol....
im surprise there is only one silver
whta the hell color is that.
sr4tuner said:
whta the hell color is that.

that lite blue doesn't work for me either
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sr4tuner said:
whta the hell color is that.

This blue color doesn't work for me either
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well.. this is one vehicle that WONT get stripes.. lol -- random thought cause i was thinking silver w/ gunmetal stripes..then realised this car wouldnt look good with stripes NEway.
Alright guys, I was just about to post this before I remembered there was this one, now that there are more members:

Which Color??

for me dark blue or black [i noticed on the dodge site, the blues are 'hooked up' wrong.. dark blue linked to light blue image & vice-versa]

...for obvious reasons. ;)
Alright who picked PINK?? LOL

I am aiming toward (most to least liked) Sunburst Orange, Bright Silver or Black.
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