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I bought myself a Dodge Caliber 07 SXT Auto, 2.0L Petrol in Black back in 2018. 4 Previous owners. Real nice car to drive, spent atleast £1,500 on it since I’ve had it in ball joint repairs, back suspension replacement and new bushes, servicing etc... Riding smooth but now it’s developed a new fault and my mechanic has no idea what the fault is.

So when I’m driving along and turn in a corner or even when I’m driving in a straight line but turn the wheel slightly to the right at 20-30MPH, the front of the car, sounds like it’s coming from the right but it makes a womb womb sound. Doesn’t do it when going slow or fast. Checked the CV Joint, all fine, everything else looks okay underneath. The Tie Rod end was loose but that was tightened on a wheel alignment.

Any suggestions to the problem or more detail to help with my problem?

Thanks in advance!
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