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1. Wear a helmet
Wearing a helmet is a mandatory rule when you join traffic in Vietnam by motorbikes. This is a measure to help protect you from serious injuries in the unlikely event of a traffic accident. Don't be annoyed with it, do it seriously. Because many people are uncomfortable with this regulation, households have opposing behaviours, households choose poor quality helmets to not cause discomfort to their heads. However, it is an act that is not worthy of praise and follows so you choose yourself a quality helmet for peace of mind on the road.

2. Buying travel insurance

What you need to do before travelling anywhere even in Vietnam is to buy travel insurance. In particular, if you choose to travel by the motorbike, the risk is higher, so the more you should buy insurance to reduce the cost if you have an accident.

3. Full license

- Your driver's license
If you are a foreigner travelling to Vietnam, you should prepare yourself a driving license in Vietnam or an equivalent document. Besides, you need to prepare an international driver's license. However, international driving licenses of some countries have not been accepted in Vietnam, so you need to check carefully before making.
This is an important document to help you confidently move on the roads in Vietnam. Do not forget to prepare if you want to have a trip to experience dust.
- Make sure your company buys a tour license
Currently, in Vietnam tourism market, many companies offer tour selling services. There are many reputable companies, but there are also many fraudulent, unreliable companies that are not licensed to operate. So you need to research carefully, carefully selected to find a reliable service provider.

Besides, if you do not have a motorbike but want to rent, you should also find out about the prestige of the place where you rent the car. You should find stores with many branches so that you can provide the most optimal service. For example, you can rent their car in Hanoi and return the car in Ho Chi Minh City. On the way the car you rented a problem in Hoi An, you can call rescue right in Hoi An so your journey will not be delayed, and become difficult.

4. Keep calm when driving

Wherever you drive, you should stay calm so you can handle urgent and unexpected situations along the way. If you always let yourself nervous you will be shaky and difficult to drive, the risk of the accident will be higher.

5. Follow the flow of people

As you can see, traffic in Vietnam is chaotic and complicated, if you have never participated in traffic here, you will surely be scared and confused. However, if you know how, it will be easy. If you're not sure how to go, follow others on your route. Never turn left alone but with a group of people. If travelling in the city, you should pay attention to avoid the bus, so go neat and give way to the bus going ahead. Similarly, when travelling at the belt roads with many container cars or near the bus station, you need to be more cautious and watch for signs because these are complicated traffic places.

6. Only use the rear brake

In some urgent situations you often use the right brake to brake suddenly, but this is really dangerous, it can cause your car to somersault, or slip. You should use the rear brake for extra safety. With the scooter, the brake will be installed on the left. As for the manual motorbikes, the rear brake is located under your right foot.
Above are a few prominent notes that we think you should know for a safe ride.
Wish you have a great experience in Vietnam.

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